IoT devices are ubiquitous — Google Home, FitBit, Tesla Cars are all large-scale examples of IoT implementations. So why is it still important?

Because, there is a long way to go, around 30 billion connected devices are expected by 2025. Think of walking into an airport and getting auto checked-in because of the smart door, or street signal shutting slow/fast basis the pedestrian walking speed.

Mckinsey — 2015

There are endless possibilities, before we get into the current and upcoming applications, let’s understand the IoT holistically.

Basics of IoT

The Internet of things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects — “things” — that are embedded…

Why VR & AR?

While AR and VR might come across as gimmicky B2C tech, they have lot to do in B2B, and I particularly wanted to explore that side.

MagicLeap (AR glasses) was the most valued pre-launch company ever. Though it went bust in 2020, it always sparked my curiousity.

Among the most buzzing word during COVID-19 is Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): A detailed plan prepared to help companies ensure undisrupted business activity at all times. The plan entails planning, documentation, checklists, training, drills, and tools.

What can disrupt business?

  • Force Majure/Natural (Pandemic, Eatherquake, etc.)
  • Accidents (Gas Lead, Power failure, etc.)
  • Wilful Acts (Terrorism, Cyberattack, etc.)

When do companies plan?

The ideal time would be day 1 of the company. But that’s ideal. Usually, following are the triggers for companies to start the planning,

  • Management foresees hypergrowth
  • Key stakeholders require assurance of stability
  • There is evidence of weakness in the current business longevity plan
  • New…

Why am I writing about Cloud AI?

With hardware and architecture of cloud instances within their control, cloud companies have got complete freedom to build cutting edge platforms.

Grammarly, Google Assistant, DeepRacer, and DeepComposer are all AI models built on cloud. (Do read the application section at the bottom)

What is AI?

We will talk about AI, ML, and Deep learning in this article. So let’s get the basics right! AI means getting a computer to mimic human behavior.

Is there AI without ML?

Yes! A calculator is a basic example of it, there is no training data in it while the machine…

Why am I writing about SIEM?

Because Splunk, a cool tech company, has managed to get the highest market share while competing with IBM and other biggies, and it has bagged a revenue of $2.3 billion in 2019–2020, up 31% year-over-year.

Also, more than ever before, each of our move is getting monitored by our companies to check for miscreants, data thefts or compromised access to hackers.

What is SIEM?

The term was coined in a Gartner Report in 2005 when it merged two technologies. Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM)

SIM deals with centralized management, collection, preservation of historic…

Few pointers before we start

If you don’t want to get into technicalities, but want to be amazed by the way the world is using blockchain, scroll down to “infrastructure and applications” sections. Maybe that will spark enough curiosity for you to read everything before that.

Blockchain is not a product or technology it's a COMPLEX and RADICAL way to note transactions using technology. Not easy to understand. And has many many horizons to cover.

Considering the above point, the below article tries to give you the best resources to understand it.

How it all started


A cryptographically secured chain of blocks is described…

2. Self Conduct

My earlier article tells about simplicity of sales, but if doing sales is so simple why don’t we all excel at it ?, Because we miss out on important aspects of our conduct!

Few important characteristics which not only help us in being a distinguished sales person but also a distinguished professional are indited below,

First of these is confidence in one self!.There are people who are born with confidence but most require reason to feel confident.

1. Confidence in oneself

What comes to your mind when you look at yourself in mirror. A winner? A hustler…

It is said that those who know why, always know what and how.

I would like to list my sets of why I am writing this blog.
1. Available Trained sales professionals never satiate the Industry demand, this gives opportunity to freshers to fill in the gap. But there are very few portals for freshers to learn about sales before they get on the field. Available Blogs/ Books are like reference books that we never prefer to read, this blog will give small edits to learn from tested/experienced stuff.

2. a. Continuous Personal improvement b.Document to fall upon in adversarial times

In our profession, over the time we tend to forget our basics…

Kevin Shah

Learning to write. Writing to learn.

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